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Creamy Lip Scrub

Creamy Lip Scrub

Don't let the elements take its toll on your lips!!!  If you love our lip balms, try our exfolitating and moisturizing sugar lip scrubs -- they go PERFECT together!  Each one contains sugar as an exfoliant to keep those lips smoooth, supple and ready for anything you want to layer on top!


Available in:


Lavender Lemonade:  You'll love the fresh mix of lemonade, lavender, rose, jasmine, balsam, and vanilla notes.


Cholua:  An aroma of coffee liquor and cream that is irresistible.  Made with real cocoa powder.


Sweet Lips:  Our fan favorite lip balm based transformed into a sugary treat for your lips.


Mixed Berries:  A sweet citrus fruity blend -- a hint of citric notes in a very sweet fruity aroma. It's like candy!


Sweet Mint:  You'll love the sweet mix of peppermint candy, anise, and vanilla notes.





    Cholua Lip Scrub contains  coconut oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, flavor oil, brown sugar and cocoa powder

    All other lip scrubs contain coconut oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, flavor oil, sugar and mica

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